Business Continuity

Business Continuity provides a comprehensive yet flexible range of tools, resources and solutions to fit your business needs. The services we provide allow the outsourcing of key functions within the business recovery process which can be easily and effectively applied to a customer’s strategies. By utilising our business continuity solutions you can improve operational efficiency and identify potential risks to your business.

BCM Software

Business Continuity Management Software
Finding a starting point for Business continuity planning for business was the inspiration and starting point in the design of our software, making sure the necessary tools and resources are applied effectively and efficiently to a measured protocol.

If you undertake projects without first planning what you need to achieve and a final outcome it is unlikely you will be able to reach a satisfactory or cost effective solution. The first step in business continuity involves being prepared and developing a plan…

BCM Services

Business Continuity Management Services
Our services allow the outsourcing of key functions within the Business recovery process, through working with businesses at SME to corporate level we have created a range of outsourced resources which can easily and effectively be applied to customer’s strategies.
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Consultancy and Auditing

Consultancy and Auditing
Our trained advisors are available for your project for analysis, justification, instigation, execution and validation. We offer a full auditing and certification service up to and including BS25999, all systems and projects are based and delivered to these standards by our qualified and certified advisors.
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Our BCM Solution

Infiniti-e offer a complete BCM planning package, this not only includes all ICT solutions but H.R, Accounts, Production and other areas of the business that needs planning. It was only the large and well funded organisations which were able to develop and implement prevention and DR strategies, but at Infiniti-e we can offer this to not only large multi-nationals but to SME’s also.
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