BCM Software

If you undertake projects without first planning what you need to achieve and a final outcome it is unlikely you will be able to reach a satisfactory or cost effective solution. The first step in business continuity involves being prepared and developing a plan.

Infiniti-e has developed a range of tools that will enable you to quickly and cost effectively determine what business continuity solution is appropriate to ensure your business is prepared. Our entry level tool allows the novice user to audit there business and prepare a plan with minimal knowledge but maximum impact, our other tools allow us to audit and manage your BCM requirement effectively allowing the outsourcing of this key area.


Our tools are mainly hosted externally to allow us to offer remote access to your BCM strategy and program from anywhere, so in the event of a denial of service access to these areas is still available, by utilising our hosted option all that is required is internet access and a browser. On some projects company policy denotes that the system must be hosted internally on these occasions as part of the audit we would look closely at company infrastructure and aim to integrate our tools into the companies ICT strategy.


Our services are subscription based and payable on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, at the outset of any project, cost justification is part of the overall plan and once a project is costed, beyond further tools and services being added the price is set for the contract period, this allows both ourselves and the client to budget for BCM.


Can I Keep My Existing Infrastructure?
We do not make any changes without direct authority from the client, the tools are hosted either externally or internally and do not directly embed themselves in any operating system.

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