Consultancy and Auditing

Consultancy and auditing is the outsourcing of responsibility for BCM, this complex area is rarely seen as an essential part of the management process and generally only becomes a topic after an event, what we offer is the ability to analyse verify and value the cost of failing to identify any process and its subsequent impact on the business.

The consultancy allows project justification and can be used to manage your BCM requirements from start to finish all the way up to the appropriate BCM response and policy being assigned and managed.


Very little, once an initial analysis has been performed the majority of process and information can be obtained and reported via our automated services.


An initial consultancy day can be as little as £450.00, the option is then to either run our subscription audit software yourself or use our consultancy service.


Can I Keep My Existing Infrastructure?
We do not impact on your current infrastructure and would not make any changes without direct confirmation or request from you.

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