Our BCM Solution

Infiniti-e has two main areas of expertise;

1) Business Continuance and disaster recovery planning and implementation and management software and services.
2) Remote ICT support, management integration.

What Infiniti-e uniquely provides is an initial auditing of your business using of a set of software tools that allows both threats and preventive measures to be identified, with a set of backup reactive solutions to manage and negate any threats or potential risks.

Our methods and practices are resourced from working with high profile clients in a multitude of disciplines, these disciplines are embedded into our tools to enable enterprises of any size or sector to access and apply them, giving them maximum responses and guarantees. We draw on over 50years of combined management level experience within the fields of BCM and ITC Disaster recovery.

How will you benefit with Infiniti-e’s BCM plan?

With our bespoke planning the benefits for your business will include:

  • customer confidence in brand image
  • easing the burden of audit and compliance
  • better understanding of business processes
  • better alignment of business and technology initiatives
  • overall reduction of risk
  • differentiation from the competition

What Infiniti-e provides for your business?

Our services such as online backup form key components of the continuity plan and have been implemented to offer maximum resilience with minimal disruption or impact to the business. With quick certified recovery points all services come as modular options which can be built in at any stages of the processes, these services include:

  • Consultancy and Auditing
  • Online Backup
  • Support and Installation
  • Network Monitoring
  • Hosted Solution
  • Dashboard
  • Enterprise Protection
  • Business Continuity Management Services
  • Business Continuity Management Software

The use of high end software products from Microsoft, Citirx, Cisco, HP, Vmware, and Sophos allow us to deliver all of these services to the levels of security and resilience to certified service level agreements.

What makes Infiniti-e different?

Infiniti-e offer a complete BCM planning package, this not only includes all ICT solutions but H.R, Accounts, Production and other areas of the business that needs planning. It was only the large and well funded organisations which were able to develop and implement prevention and DR strategies, but at Infiniti-e we can offer this to not only large multi-nationals but to SME’s also.

Our own bespoke software has taken over 3 ½ years to develop, and gives us the ability to be flexible to each individual organisation or business that requires our BCM planning.

As certified Microsoft Gold Partners we at Infiniti-e represent the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies and have a close working relationship with Microsoft.

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