Online Backup

Our powerful online backup software will provide you with peace of mind over the integrity of critical data by automatically backing up the required files to a secure offsite location, to give you the feasibility of being able to remotely restore lost data in the least amount of time possible when necessary.

Product Overview

  • Automatically Backup your files safely online
  • Secure Off-site Backup Server
  • Full online data restoration
  • User defined automatic backup schedules
  • Outsourced data backup for enhanced fault tolerance
  • Lower recovery time objectives

Product Details

By utilizing backup technology that can integrate seamlessly with your systems, we are able to perform the replication and backup of real time data across multiple servers and distances with minimal disruption to your systems. Our Dedicated online storage infrastructure coupled with powerful leading class backup software creates a solution which will meet the requirements of any business, regardless of size. The key to our continued file security is simple, we offer an offsite backup solution that is simple to use, fully automated and able to quickly restore data from accidental or malicious data loss.

Why Do I need this?
Without a dedicated backup system, your business is vulnerable to threats such as flooding, hardware malfunctions and fire. Remote backups are the best way to restore your data and include less resources, time and mouse clicks. This means that if you lose important data, you will have the ability to restore any lost information in considerably less time than other backup methods which will enable you to keep your business going.

What are the costs of this service?
Infiniti-e’s secure offsite data backup solution has been designed with the customer in mind. We have tailored our online backup software from the ground up with an aim to eliminate the risk of data loss. Our online backup software has been maintained from supporting a wide variety of clients with differing environments, budgets and resources. We have enabled our clients to customize their schedules and data backups to a plan that can best suit their work habits and varying constraints.


Please contact a member of our team for pricing options.


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