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Our IT support offering has been designed from supporting multiple clients in varying IT environments, with different budgets and constraints of both resources and skills. Within the offering there is the facility to have either a fully budgeted solution or to pay for support when it is required during holiday or sickness periods.  To facilitate all our clients’ requirements we have broken the support into four distinct offerings.

Remote Desk

Designed for any size of organisation to receive support quickly and efficiently, ease of use and real people at the end of the line.

  • Online helpdesk
  • Telephone support
  • Remote support via secure client
  • Email support
  • Managed Comms
  • Preferential onsite engineer pricing
  • Access helpdesk plus

Service Desk

Designed with companies who like to have an annual budgeted cost for IT, incorporates all the functionality of remote desk with the added assurance of on-site engineers included.

  • All Helpdesk facilities
  • Onsite engineer support
  • Proactive 24/7 monitoring and fix
  • Access Infiniti-e helpdesk plus

On Demand

Just as it says full access to both Remote and service desk options, but with the option to pay for the service as you go along. Ideal for bigger organisation who want to supplement their IT resource during holiday or sickness periods.

  • All Remote and Service Desk facilities but on a pay as you go basis
  • Access Infiniti-e helpdesk plus (upon registration)

Mobile Devices

Mobile device support for the modern organisation is essential when a company comes to rely on access to data on the move, migration to a new handset, platform or App is covered to ensure you always stay connected.

  • iPhones and iPads (iOS)
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • BlackBerry

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